How to Create and Save Your First HTML File?

It is not a difficult task.

You can create HTML File by using any free editors like Notepad, notepad ++, Dreamweaver or any other tool but we will recommend you to use notepad because you are new that’s you should start from notepad do not try to use any software.

Step 1: Open Notepad

We hope you know how to open a notepad if you do not know how to open a notepad then you do not need to take worry about it, just click on start button and go to all programs, when you will click on all programs then a tab will be open where you need to find notepad and click on it. When you will click then notepad will be open.

Step 2: Write Something on Notepad:

Here is an example that you can copy


<h1>My First Heading</h1>


Step 3: Now You Need to Save

To get started you need to click on File button and you will face a list where you will get to see save as button, just click on it and save with html extension.

Step 4: Open Your HTML Document in Your Browser:

We hope you did all the things perfectly, now just click on that file and opened it on any browser.



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