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PHP Course


PHP Course


PHP Course


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PHP Course Modules in Delhi

Module I – Overview of Website Designing & Development Course

Module II – In-depth Overview of Domain Names and Web Hosting

Module III – Getting Started with HTML – Hyper Text Markup Language

Module IV – Getting Started with CSS – Cascade Styling Sheets

Module V – PHP Hypertext Preprocessor

Module VI – My SQL Data Bases Training Course

Module VII – Opencart CMS – Developing & Managing Ecommerce Websites

Module VIII – WordPress CMS – Developing & Managing Dynamic Websites

Module IX – Start Working with Live websites

Module X – Earning Money with Website Designing & Development Training Course

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Why you should learn PHP Course

Hello guys, this is Sam Singh from Delhi, India. I am a web master. Today in this article I am going to tell you about PHP and I will also tell you why you should learn PHP.

PHP stands for PHP Hypertext Preprocessor. PHP is a open source scripting language that is developed for making dynamic pages by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994. PHP is one of the most popular computer scripting languages in this whole world.

PHP is one of those language which is widely used in this whole world. Here are a lot of other languages like ASP.NET and Java that we can use to develop dynamic pages but PHP is one of the script language for several big companies. This server side scripting language is available for free, here you do not need to buy any license.

The use of PHP language is increasing rapidly, as per my study here are 30 million domains were hosted with PHP Script, this data is until 29 October 2013. As per my point of view, the use of PHP will be increase in future because this scripting language is used by many companies, here are lots of companies in India that develop websites only on PHP that is one of the biggest reason to learn this language, I am dam sure, your future will be more bright if you will learn this language.

How Many other languages used to develop websites?

Here are a lot of languages that we can use to develop websites but are ASP DOT NET and JAVA is more popular after PHP. ASP DOT NET and JAVA need a license to make your website live.

Why PHP?

PHP is one of those language which is more popular then ASP.NET and JAVA.

This one is open source language. You do not need to have a license.

Here are many frameworks that are made on PHP like WordPress, Opencart and many more.

From where to learn PHP Course

If you are ready to learn PHP then I would recommend you to Visit in Delhi, here are many institute that provides affordable range of PHP course in Delhi, but you have to mind one thing that is you should learn PHP with project based training, if a institute is not providing project based training or not providing internship training then you should not go there because PHP is a server side language in which you have to learn the logic of code.

How to Find Best PHP Training Institute in Delhi?

Today I am going to write about PHP. If you are one of that guy who are looking for PHP Training in Delhi then you should read this article, here I will tell you how to find the best PHP Training Institute in Delhi that will be suitable for you and your career. PHP is one of those language which is used by many web development agencies, this is one of the most popular language in India. Here are many platforms like wordpress that is made in PHP. so here is no doubt that you career is bright in this field, you can earn a lot in this filed but first of all you need to learn PHP from a reputed training institute whereby you would be able to make any project in PHP.

As per my experience, Delhi is the second most popular city in IT Industry. Here are many institutes that offer PHP training and internship for PHP but you have to find that one which will be most suitable for you or provides best training option.  Here are many ways that you can follow to find a best institute for yourself.

First of all you need to see the how many students in a batch. As per understanding, a batch should not have more then 5-10 students.

Second you need check the testimonials of their ex-candidates.

You can also ask about institute from their candidates.

If you are satisfied with upper points then you should ask about the fees of PHP Training because many institutes around us are charging a big amount but you do not need to pay more than twenty thousand Rupees, because twenty thousand rupees is reasonable.

If you have query about this article then you can comment below to discuss.